Welcome to PokéLog! This tool strives to make it easy for anyone to simultaneously EV train multiple Pokémon at a time. No notebooks full of scribbles, no spreadsheets, no mistakes. Look up what Pokémon you should seek out to train on, and keep track of your progress as you defeat them, all on one page. To get started, see the sidebar to make an account. Once you're signed in, you will have a homepage like this, but it won't have any trainees yet:

Click the + button to create a new trainee (or the clipboard icon to create a team from a PokéPaste), which will take you to a page with this interface repeated for each trainee:

At the bottom-right of this page there will be another + button which will pop out a menu with buttons to create more trainees, or add trainees to your party that were not selected on the previous page.

You can edit the EVs directly, and on the right side of each input you can enter your desired goal EVs. Your goals will be shown as a dark outline, as pictured above, and this will become filled in as you train.

In the upper right corner are buttons to delete the trainee, or remove it from your party.

Beneath each trainee is a menu where you may select one of the held items that affect EV gains, and the menu is expandable to show EV-affecting consumables:

At the bottom of the page you will find a search bar. Click the button on the left and select the generation that you're playing; this affects how EVs behave as well as the search results you are shown.

The button on the right reveals more filters to narrow down the results:

Use the search bar to find the species that you want. Click (or swipe, on mobile) on one of these buttons to apply their EV yield to all of the trainees in your party.

Eventually you will get alerts, color-coded based on whether they are approaching, right on, or over the goal:

I hope you find this tool as useful as I do. Suggestions, bug reports, and contributions are welcome. See the about page for more information.